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Diamond Education

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Carat Weight

Carat is the unit in which diamond is weighed. One carat equals to 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. Carat weight is the prime factor that determines the weight of a diamond. Bigger diamonds are undoubtedly costlier. Carat makes expressing diamond weight easier as compared to milligrams. Instead of giving three labels to diamonds weighing 20 milligrams, 211 milligrams and 220 milligrams, carat offers a category for fitting the diamonds in a one category, placing these diamonds in one-carat range.




One should not forget that high carat weight does not necessarily mean bigger looking diamond. Even diamonds of the same weight can differ on basis of other factors, especially cut that influences perceived size. If you are looking for diamonds with great cut and brilliance, look for lesser carat weight for bringing the rate down. A little difference in carat can also change the rate of the diamond.


Large diamonds are rare to find and much in demand as compared to small diamonds even of the same quality. The price of a one-carat solitaire diamond ring is more than the ring that has many small diamonds with total of one-carat weight fitted in it. Diamond comparison is not effective until you compare the diamonds of similar features and qualities. While comparing the value of different diamonds, divide cost of every diamond in accordance with the carat weight and then calculate its price per carat.


You may have witnessed your jeweler discussing points while talking about diamond sizes. This is not in context with the number of facets a diamond has but to the weight of diamond. One carat is equivalent to 100 points so every point is 1/100th of carat. Carat weight also influences a diamond's price. Because of rarity of larger stones, they are priced higher. Carat weight is an important consideration while buying the diamonds for your self.

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